Want More People Clicking Your Email Links?

This is for those who already send out emails with an autoresponder.

I’m about to show you how you can double or triple your opens and click thru rate without lifting a finger.

No hype.  Completely serious.

So, if you are sending out emails trying to generate sales or leads, keep reading.

The rest of you can hit the delete button. (sorry, just thought it might be nice if someone is front and doesn’t waste time).

Here’s the deal…

There’s an age old story about a multi-million dollar luxury cruise ship who’s engine suddenly ground to a halt.

Dead in the water.  A bad place for any vessel.

None of the ship’s engineers could get it restarted.  All they could do was scratch their heads.  The engines just wouldn’t fire.

However, one of the engineers knew about an company close by who’s owner might be able to help.  He was a 40 year Navy veteran that worked on big ship engines his whole life.  With nothing to loose, the vessel’s owners flew the old man out to the ship.

After poking around a bit, the guy grabbed a hammer and hit one of the engine valves a couple times.

With loud rumble, the engines roared back to life.  Everyone was shocked yet relived to be back under power.

A couple weeks later the owners got a bill for $10,000.

Outraged, the owners called the guy asking why the bill was so expensive.  All he did was hit the engine couple times with a hammer.

They demanded to see an itemized breakdown of the charges.

Without missing a beat, the old man said, “Hitting the value cost about $10.  Knowing which value and where to hit…$9,900.00.”

Knowing where and what to “tap” with email is the same thing.

It’s an art writing a good email, but there’s a practical, proven science for getting the best opens and click thru’s.

That science is called “split-testing”.

With the right software, split testing is a breeze.

Test the subject lines, the offer, the hook, the graphics, the personalization and the layout.

Just one small change can make a big difference.

As a email marketer, split-testing is a proven way of TAPPING on the engine in order to get your sales roaring again.

And if you’re using Sendpepper or OfficeAutopilot Ontraport, you can split-test 4 different versions of an email INSIDE an autoresponder sequence.  Nobody else gives you such a valuable tool.

Imagine how surprised you’ll be when you find out one small tweak in your autoresponder email sequence bumps up conversion rates 40-50%!  It happens, but impossible to test ANY other email autoresponder program.

Just like the knowing what valve to tap, split-testing your autoresponders will give you instant feedback if your systems are purring like a kitten.

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