The secret to working smarter, NOT harder

Quick question – how many hats do you wear during the day?

– the marketing hat
– the sales hat
– shipping manager hat
– customer service hat
– complaint desk hat
– etc., etc., etc.

Crazy, isn’t it?

If you’re anything like me, things keep coming at you from all angles during the day.  Truth be told, without systems, I’d be a mess.  Without OfficeAutopilot, I’d be a dropping balls left and right no matter how hard I worked to avoid it.

Systems are the only way to work smarter, and not harder.

Heck, that’s why OfficeAutopilot is no-brainer.  If you wear a bunch of hats during the day, then it’s only $10 per day to have systems in place automating your business!

Why are systems so gosh darn important?

Well let me tell you something very, very important:  every “thing” that happens during the day requires follow up.

Think about it.

IF you sell a product…THEN you need to do some stuff.
IF you host a webinar….THEN you need to do more stuff.
IF you get a lead…THEN you need to try and sell some stuff.

It’s a cat and mouse game of action – re-action.  IF they (a contact) take an action; THEN your business needs to re-act.

(Isn’t the way your business “re-acts” called your competitive advantage?  I’m just saying.)

Listen, this leads me into why I LOVE OfficeAutopilot systems.

First, you can easily automate most of the follow up and the routine hassles around finding and keeping customers with the multi-step, multi-media sequences.  Sequences do all the heavy lifting for you.  A sequence is simply a pre-planned series of steps that you want OfficeAutopilot to execute automatically when a contact gets assigned to it.

Sequences let you effortlessly and consistently deliver extraordinary value.  (and leave your competition picking up scraps!)

Second, OfficeAutopilot’s IF-THEN rules allow you to literally program your business to succeed because they automatically “re-act” if/when a contacts takes an important action.  They keep the camp fires burning by moving contacts in and out sequences automatically.  (among other things!)

Seriously, IF-THEN rules are like having extra employees doing a bunch of stuff and working 24/7.  (Good luck finding a employee that committed to your success!)

IF-THEN rules are doing stuff that instantly sets your business apart from the crowd.

Action – Re-action.  Everything working together as a system.  Automated.  It’s a beautiful world.

And with systems running your business, the competition doesn’t stand a chance. (Icing on the cake.)

Look, it’s time to get access to the most affordable platform available to run many (most) of your business and marketing operations automatically.

It’s time to work smarter, not harder.  (For only $10 per day)

Speaking of working smarter, let’s talk about IF-THEN rules…

Watch this video and in the next 3.5 minutes, you’ll have your mind blown with the kind of event-triggered, behavioral-based automation that you simply never dreamed was possible or this affordable.  Saving you time, money and the occasional headache.

What you see will make you gasp (and laugh…hard).

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