Can Split Testing Improve Gas Mileage?

Some people don’t see the value of split testing – in business or in real life.

Let me tell you a quick story to illustrate the power of testing and give some tips about WHAT you may want to start “split testing” when it comes to your email marketing.

I was filling up my truck this morning with Super Unleaded and it reminded me about how important split testing can be.  (Yes, I was thinking about split testing while pumping gas.)

You see, I drive an older truck, with a big engine.  Some people may call it a gas gussler.

For the longest time, going on 9 years now – 166,000 miles later, I’ve always filled up with the cheapest gas.  It runs perfectly fine on the low grade stuff.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it right?  (Sort of like how most people run a business?)

Well recently, my truck started just sucking down the gas and it kept getting worse and worse every month.  Eventually dropping down to as low as 11-12 mpg.  OUCH!  (It got 15-16 mpg when I bought it new.)

Being a natural problem solver and I tried everything to get better “results”.   I did everything “they” recommended.  Replaced the air filter, new spark plugs, new wires, and properly inflated tires….nothing helped.

Then one day this guy told me to try Super Unleaded.  Just test it out.  See what happens.

I didn’t think it would help, but in marketing, they teach us to test everything.  So why not in real life.

Well, to my surprise, the guy was right.  Super unleaded 91 octane did in fact help my truck get more gas mileage.  (Read on to find out the results!  It’s amazing!)

This reminded me about how important split testing is when sending emails out to your list.

– Subject lines

– Offers

– Personalization

– Long vs. Short “teaser” type messages

– Frequency

– Call to actions

– Images

– Layout

Optimizing any one of these areas can help you squeeze more juice from the SAME turnip.

The problem is most email programs don’t make it that easy.  IF they offer it at all.

Sendpepper and OfficeAutopilot Ontraport can certainly make split-testing email a breeze.  In fact, you can automatically split test up to 4 different variations of any email, landing page or postcard.

It’s called A/B/C/D split testing.  And they’re the only email marketing provider that offers it standard.

Check it out.  Sign up for an account and give it a go.  It comes with a standard 90-day money back guarantee.



PS…In case you were wondering, my truck now cruises around at 16-17 mph.  That’s about a 35% increase in fuel milage with only 6% increase in cost!

Split testing rocks!  Start doing it immediately.

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