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Features TELL. Benefits SELL.

Here are 104 Possible Benefits.

How Many of These Does YOUR Product or Service Allow People to Experience and Enjoy?  (Hint:  If you don’t show them how your product or service delivers the benefit, don’t expect people to believe you.)

To make money
To save money
To save time
To avoid effort
To achieve comfort
To enjoy better health
To live longer
To be popular
To satisfy curiosity
To gain pleasure or enhance enjoyment
To feel clean
To be praised and admired
To be in style
To satisfy an appetite
To own beautiful possessions
To attract the opposite sex
To be an individual, independent
To emulate others
To take advantage of opportunities
To get a surprise
To be successful
To make work easier
To gain prestige
To be sociable
To express creativity
To be efficient or more efficient
To protect oneself and family
To protect the future of a family
To be a good parent
To be liked
To be loved
To express a personality
To be in fashion
To avoid embarrassment
To fulfill a fantasy
To be up-to-date with the latest trend
To own attractive things
To collect valuable things
To satisfy the ego
To be “first” at something
To enjoy exotic tastes
To live in a clean atmosphere
To be strong and healthy
To renew vigor and energy
To get rid of aches and pains
To find new and rare things
To be more beautiful or attractive
To win the affection of others
To satisfy sexual desires
To bring back pleasant memories
To be lucky
To feel important
To gain knowledge
To improve ones own appearance
To be recognized as an authority
To enhance leisure
To have security in old age
To overcome obstacles
To do things well
To get a better job
To be your own boss
To gain social acceptance
To keep up with others
To appreciate beauty
To be proud of possessions
To resist the domination of others
To relieve boredom
To gain self-respect
To win acclaim
To win advancement
To seek adventure
To satisfy ambition
To be among the leaders
To gain confidence
To escape drudgery
To gain freedom from worry
To get on the bandwagon
To get something for nothing
To gain self-assurance
To escape shame
To avoid effort
To have safety in buying something else
To protect reputation
To “one-up” others
To avoid shortages
To relax
To avoid criticism
To protect possessions
To avoid physical pain
To avoid loss of reputation
To avoid loss of money
To avoid trouble
To prevent unemployment
To replace the obsolete
To add fun or spice to life
To be in style
To work less
To conserve natural resources
To protect the environment
To make others happy
To find love
To feel intelligent
To be benevolent

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