Affiliate marketing, as we know it, might change

The Austin American-Statesman had a well written, balanced article about the tax battle going on in Texas that ran a couple weeks ago.
I think if anyone is thinking about getting into affiliate marketing or currently getting affiliate commission checks (like me), you should totally read this article.
The whole concept of affiliate marketing, as we know it, might change as more and more states are looking for revenue.  (aka…tax money)
I found this article on Shawn Collins’ blog where he also wrote this:
The article included a statement from Eric Bearse, Texas spokesman for the Alliance for Main Street Fairness, that I have heard repeatedly, but have yet to see substantiated…

“If you have tax fairness, that creates jobs in sales for brick-and-mortar retailers,” Bearse said. “Then they can expand their sales forces, whether it’s virtually or in the store. They can invest more in the state, make more sales and be able to expand their online presence, maybe even through affiliate marketers.”


This is all predicated on the assumption that people shop online strictly to save on sales tax. That is simply “fairness” mythology. How about convenience, better pricing, more selection, etc.?

I’ve stayed on outer edges of this tax battle for the most part.  But now that OfficeAutopilot is gaining ground with it’s integrated affiliate management system and is powering more and more affiliate programs, it’s an issue that every entrepreneur should start following more closely.
Listen, no matter what happens with the tax laws, you need a system that is compliant AND flexible enough to adapt. So if you’re thinking about launching (or already have an affiliate program) and want it to be a fully automated, scalable program working together with the rest of your business/marketing tools, check out Ontraport.

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